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August 2011

There is an element of Stefan’s character that makes him almost the perfect boyfriend, if your perfect boyfriend has been dead for 150 years. That element is his ability to grant freedom, both physically and emotionally, to his significant other. His love is built upon respect, and every action he takes revolves around letting Elena take agency of her own decisions. The “super supportive” gambit might be dull to some, but to me it almost feels like a revelation. It’s not often on a teen-targeted show that a female character is given the space to take charge of her own destiny, but that’s what Elena does in almost every single situation, and always with the full support of Stefan. When she found out his true nature and ran away? He let her go. When she wanted to know the truth? He never hesitated to tell. In a world of relationship sabotage, games and subterfuge, he is like a shining beacon of hope that hopefully shows all young women who watch him that yes, you too are worthy of respect from all the men in your lives as well.

 - Carrie Raisler (@TVandDinner) from this Pro-Stefan article- http://www.vampire-diaries.net/tv-series/ripping-open-tvd-stefan-is-not-boring-unless-boring-means-awesome

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